5-Days Omo Tribal Culture and Photo Expedition with BCO flight

This Omo tribal cultural and photo expedition is designed by omo valley photo, especially for those who are on a tight schedule yet want to make authentic interactions with an opportunity to make iconic photography. The highlights of this trip will be photographing and interacting with the following

  •  The  Karo  tribes
  • The  Mursi tribes
  • The  Domenech tribe
  • The  hammer  tribe
  • Weekly tribal market
  • The  hammer bull jumping

“Omo Valley photo” takes advantage of the recently resumed flight between  Addis and  JINKA  (BACO) to cut the  long drive to get to Omo tribal route.


We will pick you up from the Jinka airport, freshen up and proceed to a 20-minute journey up to Bazet hill, our driver will drop us off for a 1:30 hr village walk and return to pick us up at the other end. Walking through the village will take you past a number of farm cottages. The Ari people are welcoming to visitors. In their custom, hosting a visitor for coffee and snacks is an honor. Engage with the Ari people as you walk and experience the rhythm of village life intimately. Along the path, you’ll come across traditional blacksmiths and potters, among other things. We may be gently descending through a wide terraced farmland, with tempting views of Jinka town in front of us. If time allows we will head to SORC, The ethnological museum at the South Omo Research Center is well-organized and displayed, and it would provide us with a preview or introduction to ethnographic knowledge of the Omo Valley’s diverse ethnic tribes. O/N  Eco-Omo Lod


With a picnic breakfast box, our excursion to the Mago Valley begins at 11:00 a.m., with the goal of arriving before sunrise and exploring some of the Mursi settlements along the Maki River. where You’ll meet and engage with Mursi men and women famed for their huge lip plates, as well as young Mursi warriors who milk and draw blood in their cattle camp. We return to Jinka for lunch after spending some time learning about their culture. Then, after lunch, we drive to Turmi (120 km ) from Jinka. Buska loge – O/N

Day 3  Drive Turmi –Murulle – Turmi

Today, with an early start, we would be making an excursion journey to the Korocho and Du villages of the Karo tribe, which are renowned for their exquisite body painting and decorative body scarification. The afternoon will be spent at Gurdo, one of the most populous hamar communities. O/N – Busk loge


Travel to your ancestral home. We begin the day with a journey through the magnificent Dassanch heartland, only a few kilometers from the Turkana lake shore, where anthropologists uncovered precious remnants to which, according to DNA analysis, every single humankind is connected. Discover their history and way of life, and photograph distance nomads and women grinding and cooking in their village. They are also known for their distinctive jewelry and decorative body scarification. We will make sure to incorporate (the Hamar bull jumping rite) into one of the afternoon events, depending on when and where it falls. O/N – Busk loge


We depart after breakfast for Keyafer to meet the extraordinary stilt-walking Bene boys, stopping at Dimeka (on Saturday) or Keyafer (on Sunday) for the weekly tribal market (on Thursday) Market is a bustling place where numerous Omo Region tribes congregate to communicate, share information, and sell and buy goods. proceed to Jinka Airport.

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