HIGHLIGHTS: LAKE CHAMO BOAT TRIP, MARKET DAYS, BENNA TRIBE, HAMMER TRIBE, KARO TRIBE, KONSO VILLAGE, NEW YORK, GONDAR, LALIBELA, AXUM, DIRE DAWA The Lower Omo Valley was designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1980 due to its unique cultural and physical value to the world at large. In this valley, unlike everywhere else on the planet, there are so many different tribes and cultures. The terrain was characterized as a “Museum of People” by Carlo Conti Rossini, the first foreigner to explore the area. Over millennia, it has served as a crossroads for humanity traveling in many directions.

Day 1:

Addis Ababa visits the museums and churches and the Merkato (Africa’s biggest Market). Overnight Addis Ababa.

Day 2

Drive to Arbaminch via Shashemene and Sodo visiting the Dorze tribe on the way (famous for their woven cotton cloth and beehive huts). Overnight in Arbaminch tourist hotel.

Day 3

Drive to Nech Sar National Park, a boat trip on Lake Chamo enjoying the diversity of habitats including the Crocodile market, hippos, birds, and Zebra. Overnight hotel Konso

Day 4

Drive to Turmi via Konso admiring the gorgeous landscape en route. On the way visit the Erbore and Tsemay tribes, and in Turmi the Hamar tribe. In the evening look for the Hamer dance party known as Evangadi. Overnight hotel in Turmi.

Day 5

Drive to Karo village to visit the Karo tribe, famous for their body painting and who live on a stunning bend on the Omo River. Afternoon drives back to Turmi looking en route for Hamer Bull Jumping ceremony. Overnight hotel in Buska Lodge.

Day 6

Drive to Key Afer via Dimeka to witness the Omo Valley’s biggest and most colorful market of the Bana, Ari, and Tsemay tribes. Overnight hotel in Jinka.

Day 7

Drive to Mago National Park. Early morning chance to see many animals and the Mursi tribe (famous for their women having clay lip plates of up to 14cm diameter). Overnight hotel in Jinka.

Day 8

Drive to Konso visiting the famous eroded cliffs known as New York. Overnight Hotel in Arba Minch.

Day 9

Drive to Addis Ababa overnight hotel in Addis Ababa.

Day 10

Fly to Bahir dar – afternoon visit to the Monastery. Overnight hotel Bahir Dar.

Day 11

Visit the town of Bahir Dar and then drive to Gonder, an Overnight hotel in Gonder.

Day 12

Visit the Gonder Fasiledes then in the evening visit traditional dancing. Overnight Hotel Gonder.

Day 13

Fly to Axum and visit the stelae of Axum. Overnight hotel in Axum.

Day 14

Fly to Lalibela and visit the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela. Overnight hotel in Lalibela.

Day 15

Fly to Addis Ababa. Overnight hotel in Addis Ababa.

Day 16

Fly to Dire Dawa and drive to Harar – visit the old city of Harar. Overnight hotel in Dire Dawa.

Day 17

Fly to Addis Ababa. Overnight hotel in Addis Ababa.

Day 18


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